Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

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1. What is the Vodafone Wholesale Self Service Portal?The Vodafone Wholesale Self Service Portal is designed to enable clients of Vodafone Wholesale request for fibre optic wholesale products and related services, and manage their company accounts at their convenience.2. How do I access the portal? The portal is currently accessible on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers at/login3. How do I sign up?

Steps to signup as a new user or existing customers

  • Visit
  • Enter First Name, Last Name, Corporate email address of the company, Password, Confirm password and Click Signup.
  • You receive email notification with a link to activate your account
  • After activation, login to the portal with your registered email address and password
  • You will receive a prompt to confirm if your are an existing Vodafone wholesale customer or not
  • Click YES if you have services with Vodafone Wholesale and enter your customer ID ******** number. You are in!
  • Click NO if you are not an existing Vodafone Wholesale customer to complete your registration process by providing the following documents; Business Incorporation Certificate, Business Commencement Certificate and National Communication Authority License or any other license if you registered outside Ghana.
  • After submission of your registration details, the request will be vetted and approved by Vodafone Wholesale to access the Vodafone Wholesale Self Service request portal.
4. What do I do if I have forgotten my password?You can reset your password using this link:/password-reset.5. Can I have more than one person managing my company’s accounts?Yes, you can. The main administrator of the account can add other users to manage your company’s accounts.6. How do I add more users to manage my company’s accounts?Once signed in, go to /app/users and select ‘Add New’ to create a new user. You can also create specific roles for users managing your company accounts. To do so, visit /app/roles, click ‘Add New’, and select the permissions for the new role. You can also edit or delete roles.7. How do I place service requests?To place service requests, visit/app/service-request. Select the type of service request you want to make, fill in all relevant fields, and save.8. How do I track my service requests?You can view and track your company’s service requests here:/app/requests .9. I placed a request for a service update. How do I track this?You can view all requests for adjustments and their statuses here:/app/adjustments.10. How do I report a fault and Track progress? To report a fault with your service, visit:/app/report-fault.11. How can I view all service my company has with Vodafone?Go to /app/services to view all active services.12. How can I view all service my company has with Vodafone?Go to /app/services to view active services.13. How can I view my current account balance?To view your current account balance, visit:/app/account-balance. Select the account number for which the account balance is requested, then click ‘Filter.’ To view a detailed account statement, go to/app/account-statement, select the account number, and select the period to view all transactions, then click ‘Filter.’14. Can I view my bills on the portal?Yes you can. To view and download your total bill, visit/app/bill-download, select the month for your bill, and click download to view your bill for that period. 15. Who can I contact when the portal is inaccessible? You can email us at or call us on 0800-10000. 16. Can I make other complains? Yes you can. Go to URL 16. Can I make other complains? Yes, you can visit /app/feedback