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There is also a connection between SAT-3 and all submarine cables landing the shores of Ghana (WACS, ACE, MainOne and GLO-1) offering a robust link into West Africa. With our Dedicated Internet/IP Transit on SAT3 subsea cable, we provide high capacity symmetric guaranteed speeds desired, to enable our customers connect to the public internet throughout the day.


SAT3 Subsea cable
Leveraging on SAT3 subsea cable performances, Vodafone Wholesale provides greater flexibility and control for network management and optimization resulting in quicker response to changing customer requirements and world class services.

Quick Access
Our peering contracts with major international Internet exchanges provide you close access to Internet content at source with minimal hops and latency.

Reliable Network
Our network is optimized for low latency, low packet loss and high efficiency. A look at the record shows that we have had least downtimes during the last few years of operations thus giving high quality and reliable service to our customers.

Superior SLA
Industry-leading SLAs with penalty clauses that reflect the confidence we have in the reliability and performance of our network.

Proactive Customer Support
Our dedicated customer services professionals monitor our network on a 24 x 7 basis so that we detect problems before you report them and follow through with resolution.

Why Wholesale

  • Resilient Network
  • Delivering superior customer service and support
  • Offering greater value
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