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Vodafone Messaging Hub Application to person(A2P)

A single gateway for all your application-to-person (A2P) SMS Messages


The Vodafone Messaging Hub (VMH) provides Mobile network Operator’s (MNO’s), SMS Providers, SMS Aggregators and Over-The-Top providers with a reliable, high quality and secure delivery of Application to Person (A2P) SMS. Vodafone Messaging Hub Ghana is a single getaway for all your Application to person (A2P) messages and enables access to Vodafone’s 500+ million customers, all through a single interconnection and commercial agreement.

Product Information

  • Hub connection management
  • A single connection that offers direct access to our own customers global reach list
  • Continuous operational support and assurance
  • World-class technical support from the team that cares for our own global customer traffic
  • Security and protection
  • Advanced fraud, spam and faking protection
  • Message delivery
  • High success rate and real-time delivery receipts
  • Best price on the market giving you value for money

Why Wholesale

  • Resilient Network
  • Delivering superior customer service and support
  • Offering greater value
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