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26th October, 2018

Vodafone wholesale has completed the second fibre route to the landlocked countries in West Africa Including Mali and Niger through Burkina Faso.

The project, aimed at offering an alternative route for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to send services to parts of the West African sub-region, will facilitate the World Bank funded West Africa Regional Communications Infrastructural Project (WARCIP) with the Burkinabe government.

Speaking on the project, Angela Mensah-Poku, Managing Director of Vodafone Wholesale said: “The Paga-Dakola fibre optic link project is one of the many projects Vodafone Wholesale has introduced to empower businesses including ISPs and mobile network providers. The high speed Internet or data services we are providing to customers will contribute to internet penetration in the West African sub-region”.

She added that Ghana currently has the largest number of cables across West Africa and the implementation of this project is expected to attract heavy investment into the country as well as strengthen relations between Ghana and its neighbours.

Vodafone Wholesale has an extensive fibre network distribution all over the country and provides bandwidth to internet service providers and mobile network operators.

Why Wholesale

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  • Delivering superior customer service and support
  • Offering greater value
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