Night King Bundles

Offers may be purchased at any time during a 24-hour day

Volumes can only become available for use between midnight (00:00:00 GMT) and 4 am (04:00:00 GMT)

Offers regardless of time of the day they were purchased or used will expire at 4 am

Night King offers are allowed to co-exist with other *700# bundles, as well as integrated bundles like Vodafone X and Red

Customers can only hold one Night King bundle at a time. One will replace the other

Offers cannot be rolled over

Bundle Name Price (GHc)  Volume (GB) Validity USSD Code
Night King 1 1 1 12am - 4am *700*70#
Night King 2 2 2 12am - 4am *700*71#
Night King 3 5 7.5 12am - 4am *700*72#
Night King 4 10 15 12am - 4am *700*73#