Company Profile

Vodafone Wholesale is a wholesale telecommunications service provider, who sells fiber optic wholesale products and related services in Ghana and within the West African Sub-Region, to wholesale service providers. It offers both national fibre backbone products and international IP and IPLC services. Until June 2011, Vodafone Wholesale was The National Communications Backbone Company Limited (NCBC); however, the company name remains as such. Being in operation since 2006, the business has grown from an initial customer base of four (4) to thirty (30). 

Vodafone Wholesale, a wholly owned subsidiary of Vodafone Ghana, currently has fibre ring network coverage comprising underground and overhead fibre cables in the south, middle and northern parts of the country as well as metro fibre network in some parts of the country. 

In August 2009, NCBC was transferred to Ghana Telecommunications Company Limited as part of the Government of Ghana Sale and Purchase Agreement with Vodafone Group PLC. To give it a greater focus, it was re-branded and re-launched as Vodafone Wholesale in June 2011, with a vision “to be the number one Wholesale Communications Service provider in West Africa”, and a mission “to delight customers through the provision of complete wholesale communication services within the West Africa Sub Region”. 

On the basis of core competence, the Operation & Maintenance activities on the overhead cables have been outsourced to Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCO) whilst those of the underground cables’ together with provisioning and network monitoring have also been outsourced to our mother company, Vodafone. 

These steps have contributed immensely towards the achievement of operational efficiencies and the offering of real value for money to our loyal customers. 

It is worth mentioning that we have achieved all these through our lean and agile business model that is driven by outsourcing of non-core business activities. Among the functions that Vodafone Wholesale has not outsourced are the Sales and Account Management since these two functions have direct access to customer information. Therefore holding on to these two portfolios, gives real meaning to the arms’ length business relationship with Vodafone. 

Vodafone Wholesale has played a significant role towards the total achievement in the ICT4Development deployment in Ghana, and contributed to the GDP growth and socio-economic development agenda of the nation as a whole. 

The company has over 240 points-of-presence (PoPs) nationwide with its head office is located at South Liberation Link, Manet Tower A, Airport City, Accra.