Vodafone Wholesale honours and rewards customers

7th March 2013

Vodafone Wholesale has shown its appreciation to its customers at an annual dinner held at Labadi Beach Hotel in Accra. 

The honorary dinner is an annual event which brings major internet service providers (ISP) and mobile number operators (MNO) businesses together.  This year, an awards session has been added to recognise customers such as National Information and Technology Agency (NITA), Mainone Cable Company Limited, Comsys Ghana Limited and IS Internet Solutions,


Ghana, for their loyalty in doing business with Vodafone Wholesale.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Managing Director of Vodafone Wholesale, Lucy J Quist, reiterated; “We are very excited about the success we have achieved together. We place a high premium on our customers and we empower, attract and retain them by offering a wide range of innovative bandwidth products at highly competitive prices. We look forward to their continued growth this year and beyond. Vodafone Wholesale has helped increase the level of internet penetration in Ghana and across the West African region.”

Vodafone Wholesale has increased the level of internet access in Ghana and across the West African region through its dedication to meeting the bandwidth needs of internet service providers and mobile network operators.  Vodafone Wholesale is a separate entity, but a wholly-owned subsidiary of Vodafone Ghana that provides holistic wholesale communications services across West Africa.  Its innovation and unmatched expertise saw its customer base grow from four ISPs and one mobile network operator in January 2009 to 27 ISPs and six mobile network operators in 2012.